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Fly fishing trips out on UK small still water venues and reservoirs and maybe some rivers if we get the chance. We do a big 3 day trip each year so watch out for that one!

Farmoor – May 23

Back at Farmoor at last!

Beardy Bros on Tour 2022

After missing our usual May fishing trip for the last few years due to Covid, we were keen to get ba...

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Iain Barr guided fishing day

Beardy Bros on Tour 2021

Blagdon Lake – April 2021

For the past few years I’ve tried to get in a couple of early wading sessions while the bank f...

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Farmoor – June 2020

Three weeks after my last trip, I decided to have another day fishing at Farmoor. There had been lot...

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Farmoor Reservoir – May 2020

A couple of days after Coronavirus lockdown was relaxed and we could go fishing again, I booked a da...

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Draycote – March 2020

Winter fishing at Farmoor

Bewl Reservoir – Nov19

Draycote – September 2019

Mini Tour – July 2019

After years of thinking and talking about river fishing, Beardy Paul and I finally decided to bite t...

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Beardy Bros on Tour 2019

For our tour to the Midlands Reservoirs this year we decided to mix things up and fish Eyebrook, Rut...

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Blagdon – April 2019

After years of reading about Blagdon, I finally decided to treat myself to a day on this historic wa...

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World Bank Masters – Elinor

Beardy Paul and I have entered the pairs World Bank Masters at Farmoor for the last few years. It to...

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Eyebrook March 2019

Beardy Paul and I have fished the World Bank Masters competition at Farmoor for the last few years. ...

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Draycote – March 2019