Two beardy brothers on a quest to become better fly fishermen. Everything we learn about fly fishing we’re going to document on this fly fishing blog, mainly so we don’t keep making the same mistakes next year when we’ve forgotten everything we did that worked and caught us fish!

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There are quite a few fly fishing blogs around but none we’ve found really dealt with the types of things we wanted to learn. Sometimes its more advanced techniques and other times just simple guides on the basics of fly fishing. The information is out there; on other fly fishing blog websites, in magazines and books, on Youtube and even from other fly fishermen. On the Beardy Bros fly fishing blog we’re going to try and bring all this information together onto one website, as and when we find it and mostly when its relevant to the time of year we’re fishing. We’ll be looking at things like fly tying, tackle reviews, what its like to fly fish the still waters and rivers we go to, how different techniques work and how they worked for us fly fishing on a particular day and a particular venue. Hopefully all of this fly fishing information will help us remember more of what we learn and we hope it will be useful for other fly fishing beginners as well. Comments are open on all articles so do join in and let us know your thoughts and experiences on fly fishing. Tight lines!

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