Fly fishing accessories, tackle and other bits of gear that we’ve used or think might be useful.

DIY fly fishing boat seat

iFlies – The Monthly Fly Fishing Box

iFlies are a relatively new operation, established in 2015, offering something of a unique propositi...

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Leader nirvana

I have Beardy Paul to thank for these tips (as well as for the headline!). Since learning to tie my ...

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AtomSix Elemental custom built fly rod

For over 10 years I used a Greys GRXi fly rod and I really loved it. On a trip to Rutland a few year...

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Gear review: Aquasure & Whizz Lube

I’ve bought some useless fishing gear in my time, the stuff that you only use once and then si...

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Barrio Floating Line

Last year, after struggling with casting any sort of distance, I finally realised I was under-lining...

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Barbless Flies Review

Snowbee Pedestal Vice

I’ve been tying flies for around a year now with mixed early success but I think I’m getting bet...

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Greys GR30 and GR50 fly fishing rod review

Greys GR30 and GR50 fly fishing rod review - Both rods are fantastic value and fish very well. Find ...

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Mclean Folding Ejector Tri Net

Time to invest in a new landing net. I bought my current one when I first started fishing and while...

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Greys GX500 fly fishing reel review

I’ve never been a big one for reels. They’ve always felt like something I need just to w...

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Roman Moser minicon loops

I have a problem with my end. There, I said it! That part of my setup were my beautifully smooth ne...

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