Fly Tying

Fly tying guides, videos and other info on how to tie flies for trout fishing.

Small water fly box

For Christmas this year, Beardy Paul and I decided that we would each tie the other 10 of our best f...

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My go to winter fly

Scruffy buzzers

Early season flies

After tying frantically last year, my boxes are all pretty full of flies I’m relatively confident ...

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Sedge Patterns

With sedges starting to hatch throughout June, its worth having a few patterns in the box just in ca...

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Barbless Flies Review

Apps Worms

Winter nymphs

Traditional flies for river fishing

Ahead of a trip to north Wales, and a chance to fish the River Seiont, I’ve tied up a few trad...

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Buzzer variants

Emerging buzzers

Black and green

In anticipation of a bit of early spring fishing, I’ve tied up a few black and green patterns ...

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Fly tying face-off!

As Beardy Paul and I are clearly desperate to get on the water but can’t find a spare hour bet...

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Grey Boy Buzzer

When I first started fly fishing again a few years ago, I bought a job lot of flies off ebay. Among ...

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