By Beardy Neil

He's the younger, slightly less handsome one. I normally beat him on fishing trips. I hope he doesn't read this...

Draycote – March 2020

Small water fly box

For Christmas this year, Beardy Paul and I decided that we would each tie the other 10 of our best f...

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Winter fishing at Farmoor

Bewl Reservoir – Nov19

Daddies on the river!

Wychwood Gear Trap Short Haul Chest Pack

I’ve been using a satchel-type fishing bag for my river fishing which was made by my talented wife...

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Draycote – September 2019

Wading session brings success

After three non-existent evening rises, I decided to try something different for my next visit. I pi...

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On the river – round 2

With so many beats available, I had decided relatively quickly that I’d try a different stretch ea...

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On the river!

After a four year wait, I finally got the news I had been waiting for; I’d been accepted as a memb...

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Mini Tour – July 2019

After years of thinking and talking about river fishing, Beardy Paul and I finally decided to bite t...

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Beardy Bros on Tour 2019

For our tour to the Midlands Reservoirs this year we decided to mix things up and fish Eyebrook, Rut...

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Blagdon – April 2019

After years of reading about Blagdon, I finally decided to treat myself to a day on this historic wa...

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Farmoor has awoken! April 2019

World Bank Masters – Elinor

Beardy Paul and I have entered the pairs World Bank Masters at Farmoor for the last few years. It to...

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Airflo Airweld Waders

I’ve had my eye on getting some proper waders for a while. I don’t often fish waters tha...

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Eyebrook March 2019

Beardy Paul and I have fished the World Bank Masters competition at Farmoor for the last few years. ...

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Airflo Super Stik Competition Special

I fish a lot at Farmoor as its my nearest reservoir. For most of the season my Greys rod is perfect ...

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Draycote – March 2019

Winter Reservoir fishing 2019

Farmoor – October 2018

Draycote – October 2018

Beardy Bros on tour 2018

Farmoor Reservoir – June 2018

Often, in fishing, things conspire against you (or seem to anyway); maybe the conditions are not ide...

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Winter Reservoir Fishing

Fry time?

Fish, at last!

Summer fishing

Summer fishing, particularly from the bank, seems to be a bit hit and miss most years but with the l...

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Sedge time! Farmoor May 2017

After a busy few weeks, I managed to get an afternoon pass on the last May bank holiday for an after...

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iFlies – The Monthly Fly Fishing Box

iFlies are a relatively new operation, established in 2015, offering something of a unique propositi...

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Early season reservoir fishing

Early season flies

After tying frantically last year, my boxes are all pretty full of flies I’m relatively confident ...

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Leader nirvana

I have Beardy Paul to thank for these tips (as well as for the headline!). Since learning to tie my ...

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